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September 23, 2008


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e) You were living in China, which was (is) the most populous country in the world. If you were randomly placed, you had roughly a 25% chance China was your home country.

Nick Gogerty

sounds like a good time to use gott's theorom.

In the absence of "knowledge" or the risk of localized biases, it would help.


larry macdonald

Great post. Benjamin Franklin did something like this over a 2 century period. His estate set up two funds to lend money to help apprentices start their own businesses at 5% over 10 years. Costs kept low by having volunteer administrators. Worked out well -- is the lesson to skip indirect channels -- e.g. financial markets?


Given how laughably unpredictable the the events of 100 years are in the Modern Era, it would seem that the best thing to do is diversify your portfolio as much as possible. Although as I write this, it occurs to me that we can expect a calamity or two to occur over the next hundred years - whether it's a pandemic, a nuclear war, runaway global warming, who knows for sure - and so there should be a special emphasis in the portfolio on industries such as weapons, medicine, etc. that could actually benefit from a global disaster.


If memory serves, Bismarck invested in forest land and did well. Perhaps diversified agricultural land. Keep in mind global warming for both.A savage enemy of wealth has been expropriation via inflation, taxation, and nationalization- these (land) might be far enough removed from attention to avoid these threats.


Global economies are feeling pain due to USA recession and now major outcomes are coming to prevent slowdown. Still USA is a hub of financial services and most of the banks in USA are bank corrupt now which is effecting every country.
Indian stock market is trading at the almost same levels where it was 2 years back. All gains of 2 years are now washed out in few months. Most of the Indian stocks are trading at there 52 weeks low.

Now investors are thinking that this is the right time to invest there valuable money for value buying still we suggest investors to stay away from market for few more days as still market is in bearish trend and we may witness more downfall before recovery.

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