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December 22, 2009


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nick gogerty

OK, I take one serious exception with this otherwise great article. "New York as the center of the universe". New York burned brightest in 1953-60 when the US GDP dominated the GWP.
NYC has a little shine, but resembles more the center of the galaxy which is supposed to have a black hole at its center. even during the net bubble NYC played the role of 2nd rate paper pimp. In the noughties with AIG, Bear, lehman, GM Building and Mackelow etc. NYC as a power center is interesting, but so was liverpool in insurance. NYC is more a tired windbag letting outs a last gasp before hopefully re-inventing itself as Tokyo or detroiting itself.

New York is ranked 50th on the unhappy states in the US. The consiligiere knows that all things are transient and changing and even this generation of bright young things while in awe of itself is really just replaying the past the past tunes with new instruments. There is no center of the universe but many who percieve themselves to be so.

Ehtnocentric biases about one's home are beneath the consigliere. New York is interesting and entertaining but far from the center of the universe. One of NYC biggest sins is it overindulged self belief in it position on the world stage. It is a world city in size and stature, but lacks in transportation, cleanliness, education, safety and other things which many other cities have in spades. A few platinum institutions and citizens do not make a place the center of the universe.

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