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September 18, 2010


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With a gust of wind, To my greetings, With a moonlight, reflects my prayer, With a few dewdrops, soak my sincere, With a blessing, connect you my friendship, Wish friends every day happy!


A kid in high school who's friends with both jocks and nerds would truly be the king of the grade.


Funny, I found the New Yorker profile to give M.Z. a sympathetic treatment. Winkelvoss is written to it the stereotype of New England old money brat, and his disparaging remarks about M.Z. seemed complementary to me.

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The movie "Social Network" was really good

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It is better to be beautiful than to be good. But it is better to be good than to be ugly. Do you agree?

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I like the movie "Social Network"

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I like your ideas! I see this could work in many things in my life, not just underwear!

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I think that zuckerberg is one of the most important internet persons of our time.


like your ideas! I see this could work in many things in my life, not just underwear!


I like the movie "Social Network"

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